Computer Zone offers a wide variety of services. We can find the solution to any problem. Browse through our services and find which is the best for you. We understand how much you need your computer to work correctly and efficiently.

Free PC Checkup

We are proud to offer, for a limited time, the "FREE PC CHECKUP"! Just stop by anytime and one of our fantastic technicians will turn your computer on and give you a free 5 minute consultation. We will listen to your problems as well as see them for ourselves. We will then give you options and pricing for the best solution. This is just one way to show you how much we care about you and your PC.

Repairs and Upgrades

No matter what PC problem you have, we can fix it or find the best solution for your personally. Our highly skilled and talented technicians will tackle your problems as well as give you options and prices for upgrades.

Bring in your computer any time for a FREE PC CHECKUP. This will give you insight as to what your problems and options are. You will feel no pressure to make a quick decision here at Computer Zone. We will never recommend wasting money if your system is too old as we can estimate your systems value.

Standard repairs are finished with a 24-48 hour turnaround time. These are a few of our standard and common repairs.

Cleanstart - Often there is nothing physically wrong with your computer. The typical problem with most computers is software corruption. This could be caused by a Virus, Spyware, software conflicts, Windows ME, children or standard use over time. Some of these problems can be individually addressed but in most cases we recommend this service. We will completely delete your entire hard drive's contents and then reload Windows. This is also a great time to upgrade to a newer and more stable operating system such as Windows 7 or Mac OSX. If you have files that need to be saved before this service is applied, we can do that too. If you decide to upgrade your hardware in conjunction with this service, installation is free in most cases.

$99* add $50 for standard data backup if needed

Don't get rid of your old system. It might be worth upgrading to the point where it is as powerful as any new system. Or, we can consign it for you. We can help you decide the best solution.


Don't be intimidated by your PC. We fully understand your situation no matter what it is. We can give you all the options and pricing for your home or business network. You can upgrade, rebuild or trade-in your old PC. Sometimes it is better to put your money into a new system. Our amazing technicians will discuss all of your options with a "no pressure" approach. No one at Computer Zone gets paid by commission so you won't get that used car salesman feel. Contact us with any questions or concerns or just come in for your FREE PC CHECKUP. We can also consult you if you want a system custom-tailored to your needs and use. We will listen to your unique needs and give the best solution to you and your business.

Onsite Services

We can come to you. Nearly every service offered at the store can be rendered at your home or office. We can also handle all of your wireless and home networking needs. Give us a call and we can be there ASAP.

Onsite Hotline: 678.469.8507

Laptop Repair

Broken power connectors, LCD screens and motherboards are not a problem for Computer Zone. Most laptop repairs are $70-$120 for the labor fee, plus the cost of the part. Turnaround time can vary from a few days to two weeks depending on the shipping time of the part if applicable. So, stop by and drop off the laptop because repairs are first come, first serve.